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What a Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton economy could mean

Alex Rosaen, director of public policy and analysis for Anderson Economic Group, said both Trump and Clinton’s plans contain proposals where it is uncertain the impact they would have on an economy as large as the United States.

Economists are still divided on what impacts the “quantum leap” in the minimum wage supported by many labor activists and outlined in Clinton’s plan could have on the economy, Rosaen said. She has supported raising minimum wage to $15 over time.

He added that Trump’s proposals on trade and immigration are also unprecedented, and how the economy reacts to those changes would likely heavily depend on how workers, employers and other countries perceive any changes made. Trump has said he would renegotiate foreign trade deals, and on immigrations Trump’s plan calls for strictly enforcing immigration policies against those who entered the country illegally.

Rosaen cautioned that any major changes would have to go through Congress, which won’t necessarily be receptive to some of Trump or Clinton’s marquee economic proposals.

“The proposals are a statement of values more than a road map of what’s actually going to happen,” Rosaen said. “These are presidential proposals – economic forecasters will have to look at how much Congress will agree to.”


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