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Vermont business tax burden one of the highest in U.S.

Vermont once again has one of the highest business tax burdens in the nation, according to new analysis by Anderson Economic Group (personal income taxes are due today, Tuesday April 18). The study, which ranks states based on the portion of business income that goes toward taxes, found that 12.6 percent of Vermont businesses profits go toward taxes, placing the state at 48th out of 51 states including the District of Columbia. The study also ranks states on 11 different types of business taxes and shows that Vermont has one of the highest business property and unemployment compensation tax burdens nationwide.

Anderson Economic Group’s 2017 Business Tax Burden Rankings is the eighth edition of an annual comprehensive report on the business tax burdens of all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The report shows Oklahoma, Oregon, and North Carolina lead the nation with the lowest business tax burdens, and Maine, Wyoming and North Dakota with the highest burdens.

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