Economic Impact of Michigan’s University Research Council: 13th Edition, 2022

We are pleased to present the results of Anderson Economic Group’s 13th economic impact report for Michigan’s University Research Corridor.

This report comes at a critical juncture for the State of Michigan; one that puts into perspective the role that URC institutions play in sustaining our economy through difficult times. As we prepare this report in Spring 2022, two years have passed since the onset of a global pandemic that triggered an economic downturn that briefly pushed unemployment to Depression-era levels. We continue to face disruption in our signature industries, the number of people in the labor force is down, and we find ourselves facing price inflation that recalls economic crises not seen in more than four decades.

In such times, it is important to take stock of institutions that demonstrate staying power through good times and bad. Much of the data for this report were collected amid the pandemic and related economic and higher ed disruptions. Nonetheless, this report demonstrates the URC’s tremendous resilience in the face of these genuinely unprecedented challenges.

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