Anderson Economic Group Work

The State Economic Handbook, 2008

Edited by:  Patrick L. Anderson and Scott D. Watkins
Anderson Economic Group, East Lansing, Michigan
Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan

The State Economic Handbook is a new annual reference book profiling the economy, demography, political environment, and business climates for each of the 50 states. This information, gathered from a variety of sources and clearly presented in one volume, will be of great value to researchers, businesses, news media, and government agencies.

The book assembles a wide array of data collected by Anderson Economic Group, and used extensively in our economic, finance, and market analysis consulting work. Data is presented on a state-by-state basis, and there is also a State Ranking section to present a clear look at how the states compare. Following the ranking section is a brief discussion on the data sources used in the book, as well as a glossary of terms.

Each state’s section includes a narrative to highlight key demographic and economic trends, and to assess the state’s economy and demography relative to the nation as a whole. There is also demographic and socio-economic data, including population and income figures. This is followed by a section on workforce and industry, and a listing of the state’s top-ten industries in terms of employment. Also provided is state tax and business climate data, voting behavior and elected officials, and the names and web sites for main business and economic agencies in each state.

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“We find the data presented in this book to be very helpful in addressing public policy issues on behalf of our members’ interests.”
–James Barrett, President and CEO, Michigan Chamber of Commerce
“Having such a broad range of data assembled in one place makes The State Economic Handbook a resource that everyone in economic development can benefit from.”
–James L. Estep, President and CEO, West Virginia High Technology Consortium Foundation
“The Michigan House of Representatives relied on this type of information from Anderson Economic Group to benchmark the economic and educational performance of all 50 states. This book gives lawmakers and government officials a clear understanding of how their state compares to its neighbors, important trends, and its competitive position.”
–Craig DeRoche, Former Speaker of the Michigan House of Representatives
“Simply put, The State Economic Handbook provides a wealth of concise, easy-to-read data.  It is a must-read for every business, labor and political leader.”
–James Hallan, President, Michigan Retailers Association