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The Life Sciences Industry in Michigan: Employment, Economic, and Fiscal Contributions to the State's Economy

The Life Sciences are growing in importance, both to society as a whole and as an economic engine. Not only does the industry bring promise of breakthroughs in health and medicine, but it is increasingly viewed as an integral part of economic development strategies, especially as states look to build a high-skill, high-wage employment base. There is little question about the importance of the industry’s more tangible benefits, such as life-saving cancer treatments, immunizations to protect against deadly disease, and instruments that allow for less intrusive surgical procedures. However, as the economic contributions of the industry are less obvious, members of Michigan’s Life Sciences Corridor Core Technology Alliance (CTA) commissioned this report to look more closely at the economic contributions of the Life Sciences industry in Michigan. Specifically, this report:

1. Provides a conservative and reliable definition of the Life Sciences industry;
2. Documents Life Sciences employment and payroll income in Michigan;
3. Discusses the occupations found within the Life Sciences industry;
4. Estimates the economic and fiscal contributions of the industry; and
5. Discusses the characteristics of the industry and the importance of government support for growing the industry.

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