Anderson Economic Group Work

The Economic Impacts of Lansing Region Transit Improvement

The Tri-County Regional Planning Commission (TCRPC) is the official Metropolitan Planning Organization for the Lansing metropolitan area. TCRPC helps guide investments in Lansing's three public transit systems. TCRPC retained The Corradino Group (Corradino) to conduct a transit needs assessment to identify gaps in, and potential improvements to, the Lansing region public transportation system. Corradino retained AEG to identify labor market and other economic impacts arising from a series of new bus routes and increased frequency of existing routes.
We reviewed empirical research on labor market impacts of improving public transit systems, and then applied these findings to Corradino's recommended transit improvements in the tri-county region. We also researched other economic benefits of public transit improvements and estimated their impact on the region. Our research found that improved transit access is associated with decreased rates of employee turnover and an increase in the average number of weeks worked per year. Public transportation improvements also provide quality-of-life benefits, such as savings from decreased driving or increased public health.

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