The Economic and Fiscal Impact of a Proposed Powerplant in Rogers City

Wolverine Power Cooperative, City of Rogers City, Rogers Township, and Presque Isle County Economic Development Commission retained Anderson Economic Group (AEG) to provide an independent study of the economic impact of a new solid fuel power plant on the area surrounding Rogers City, Michigan.

We provide estimates of the net economic and fiscal impact on the regional economy of Presque Isle, Alpena, Montmorency, and Cheboygan Counties. We define net impact as the difference between the results of two scenarios: a “without the development” scenario, where the plant is not built, and a “with the development” scenario, where Wolverine Power Cooperative builds and operates the proposed 600 megawatt power plant in the Rogers City area. We follow a conservative methodology that accounts for costs and economic substitution. This report describes the findings of our analysis in detail.

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