The AndCan™ Index: 2019 Benchmark Update

Note: The 2021 Benchmark Update will be Completed Soon!

The AndCan™ Index represents consumer demand for legal cannabis products for all 50 states in the United States. The index has been produced by Anderson Economic Group since 2017, using a rigorous methodology based on fundamentals of consumer demand. This AndCan Index: 2019 Benchmark Revision is the first benchmark revision since the original publication of the index.

The level of the AndCan Index represents aggregate nominal demand for recreational and medical marijuana in the United States. In both the 2017 and 2019 benchmarks, the index is set at a level of 100 for November 2016, and contains data beginning in January 2015.

The original methodology for the index, and the methodology we us in this benchmark revision, estimates demand in states (and portions of states) that have not yet legalized marijuana for medical or recreational use, as well as those in which some such sales are legal. Furthermore, we include states where data are not yet available from government sources, but where some sales are legal.