Valuation of Ethnic Grocery Store Chain

AEG was retained to value over 25 grocery stores and real estate, as well as to value the equity owned by two individuals in the subject businesses for planning purposes. We used an income-based approach to individually value each store. We also performed an industry analysis, geographic and market analysis, and economic overview for the […]

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Los Angeles Dodgers Owners Want to Sell Part of the Team

Bloomberg News,

Valuation of Distribution Rights for Beer Distributor

Anderson Economic Group was retained to value the distribution rights of a beer distributor. The rights were owned by multiple distribution companies prior to its acquisition. We provided an industry review, market analysis, economic outlook, financial review, and valuation opinion for the client. Additionally, Anderson Economic Group provided methodology and assumptions along with the valuation […]

Valuation of a Start-Up Company


The Economics of Business Valuation: Toward a Value Functional Approach

Patrick L. Anderson

This book brings to light an expanded valuation toolkit, consisting of nine well-defined valuation principles hailing from the fields of economics, finance, accounting, taxation, and management. It ultimately argues that the “value functional” approach to business valuation avoids most of the shortcomings of its competitors, and more correctly matches the actual motivations and information set held by stakeholders.

The Value of a Controlling Interest in an Expropriated Oil & Gas Company: YPF SA


Valuation of Alcohol Beverage Company

An alcohol beverage company interested in allowing new investors retained AEG to do an independent analysis of their company. The valuation performed by AEG was then used by this company to encourage the new investors, and to be well informed about the value of their business. The client was very happy with our work, and […]

Solutions Manual and Reference for The Economics of Business Valuation

Edited by Erin A. Grover

This companion volume includes extensive material to support scholars, readers, and practitioners who have purchased The Economics of Business Valuation. 

Financial Evaluation and Market Value Analysis: Williams v. Anheuser-Busch