Pandemics & Policy Choices

Two recent AEG presentations at national economics conferences highlight the challenges and stakes involved in addressing novel public health issues through public policy. The Social-Economic-Epidemiological Choice: Incorporating Human Response and Avoiding Policy Mistakes was presented at the ASSA Conference, NAFE virtual sessions in January 2021. The paper provides “evidence that decisions made using a sequential […]

COVID-19 Graphical Analysis

View September 8 data for: Illinois Michigan Minnesota New Jersey South Dakota Vermont Virginia Wyoming Questions? Ask our experts. Background: AEG continues to track the progression of COVID-19 across the US & around the world. Our analyses help businesses, trade associations, and public institutions to: Assess the pandemic trajectory using advanced modeling that naturally captures […]

Report: Preventable dental problems costing Michgan ERs

Michigan Radio,

The Cost of Dental-Related Emergency Room Visits in Michigan