2020 Pocketbook Prediction

2020 Pocketbook Prediction: Strong Early-2020 Economy Would Have Likely Reelected Incumbent—Fall Economy Probably Will Not Award-winning Pocketbook model has uncanny accuracy record, including every election this century East Lansing, MI—October 30, 2020: Many prognosticators are hedging their bets after 2016. However, a century of evidence shows that certain economic indicators have reliably predicted the outcome […]

The 2020 “Pocketbook” Prediction of the Presidential Election

This award-winning economic model correctly predicted the outcome of every election this century. Now, the 2020 prediction will be released on October 26. East Lansing, MI—October 20, 2020: The year 2020 has been anything but ordinary. However, a century of evidence shows certain indicators have consistently proven reliable in predicting presidential elections in the United […]

The Best Predictor Of The Presidential Election: Is It The Winner Of The World Series?


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Pocketbook Predictions of Presidential Elections: Pocketbook variables are almost always good indicators of electoral outcomes

Patrick L. Anderson and Ilhan K. Geckil

A predictive model of voter behavior based on economic conditions.