Obama Library Would Be a $220M Boon To the South Side: U. of C. Report


Obama library on South Side could bring in tourists, cash: study

The Chicago Sun-Times,

Barack Obama Presidential Library on Chicago's South Side would be 'economic boon,' study finds

University of Chicago,

Obama library on South Side could bring in tourists, cash

The Chicago Sun-Times,

Proposed Reforms to Chicago Pensions: What's at Stake and How Much it Will Cost


Economic Impact Study of Fermilab and Argonne National Laboratory: University of Chicago


The Likely Economic Impact of a Chicago 2016 Summer Olympics

Anderson Economic Group, LLC, is an economic consulting firm with offices in Chicago, Illinois; East Lansing, Michigan; and Los Angeles, California. We have prepared this independent analysis of the likely economic impact of the proposed 2016 Summer Olympics in Chicago, and are making it publicly available before the IOC announcement date of October 2, 2009.

We are preparing this study to provide other Chicago-area businesses, as well as taxpayers and policymakers, a realistic assessment of the actual costs and benefits of hosting the games. Our analysis of past major events, and our past evaluations of the value of sports-related and other businesses, gives us a unique position to carefully examine this question.

Boosters of large sporting events and stadium construction have sometimes claimed economic benefits that later proved far too good to be true. However, our analyses of both sports franchises, and cities in which sporting teams oper-ate, show that some events can provide economic benefits that far exceed the costs. Given the scale of the Olympics, and the exposure it would give to Chi-cago on a world stage, it is certainly worth carefully considering the costs, risks, and benefits.

We have used a rigorous methodology to estimate the likelly economic impact of events like the 2016 Summer Olympics.

Automotive Industry Analysis and Presentation: State of Illinois Financial Forecast Forum

The Illinois City/County Management Association, Illinois Government Finance Officers Association and the Northern Illinois University Center for Governmental Studies Civic Leadership Academy holds an annual financial forecast forum for municipal leaders and financial officers from throughout the state. The day long forum for 2009 attracted more than 50 attendees, and feature speakers from the federal reserve, the banking, retail, and real estate sectors, as well as a presentation on the automotive industry by AEG’s Scott Watkins.

Our presentation addressed: the global nature of the automotive industry and overall economic slowdown; what the automotive industry in the State of Illinois region looks like and how it has changed in recent years; how the industry slowdown might impact automotive operations in the state; the current and forthcoming issues that will further challenge the automotive industry and regional economies that strongly depend on automotive industry employment; and the need to automotive dealership contraction and how that will impact communities throughout the country.

The presentation was delivered to the over 50 attendees of the forum at Northern Illinois State University’s Naperville, Illinois campus. After the presentation AEG consultant Caroline Sallee joined Scott Watkins to address questions from the audience.

New Report Assesses Infrastructure and Land Use in Chicago's Olympic Bid

October 1, 2008 If games are awarded, what can the city do to maximize long-term economic benefits? Chicago, IL-Topografis, along with Anderson Economic Group, has released a report titled “Land Use and Infrastructure Investments by Olympic Host Cities: ‘Legacy’ Projects and Long-term Economic Benefits.” The report assesses both Chicago’s bid and the performance of past […]

2016 Olympics Likely to Bring $4.4 billion in Economic Impact to Chicago