Anderson Economic Group: GM Strike Analysis

Page updated November 7, 2019 See AEG’s latest analysis from October 25 below. Patrick Anderson explains the implications of this strike beyond the auto industry (Detroit News editorial, 10/2/19). Media outlets seeking the most current AEG expert analysis, interviews with Patrick Anderson and Brian Peterson, or up-to-the-minute input from our analysts should contact Lisa at […]

After layoff news, GM workers worry about their ‘next move’

Patrick Anderson, CEO of Anderson Economic Group, talks with PBS NewsHour about the recent decisions made by General Motors Watch Here

Three Charts Tell the Story of General Motors’ Painful Decision: Anderson Economic Group visualizes the important data

EAST LANSING, Mich.,—December 3, 2018—Anderson experts released today three interactive data visualizations that show why General Motors made the painful decision that they announced on November 26th. “The visualization put together by our consultants provides insight into why GM made this tough decision,” said Patrick Anderson, Principal and CEO of Anderson Economic Group. About Anderson […]

Patrick Anderson discusses General Motors on Fox Business

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GM to give $9K in profit sharing checks


General Motors to Retain About 5,000 Dealers

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GM’s Long Decline May Make Bankruptcy ‘Irrelevant’ to Economy


Chrysler's Impact On GM

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Some experts optimistic that GM's restructuring plan can help automaker avoid bankruptcy

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Dark clouds linger as GM, Chrysler race to meet U.S. aid deadlines

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