2020 Pocketbook Prediction

2020 Pocketbook Prediction: Strong Early-2020 Economy Would Have Likely Reelected Incumbent—Fall Economy Probably Will Not Award-winning Pocketbook model has uncanny accuracy record, including every election this century East Lansing, MI—October 30, 2020: Many prognosticators are hedging their bets after 2016. However, a century of evidence shows that certain economic indicators have reliably predicted the outcome […]

The 2020 “Pocketbook” Prediction of the Presidential Election

This award-winning economic model correctly predicted the outcome of every election this century. Now, the 2020 prediction will be released on October 26. East Lansing, MI—October 20, 2020: The year 2020 has been anything but ordinary. However, a century of evidence shows certain indicators have consistently proven reliable in predicting presidential elections in the United […]

NYC Radio Interview on Voter Fraud

970 AM Morano in the Morning,

Forensic analysis of four key states in 2016 US Presidential election released at international conference in Italy


No traces of voter fraud found in Michigan's most immigrant-dense counties to support Trump's illegal voting claims, study shows

New York Daily News,

Report: No evidence of Michigan voter fraud

The Detroit News,

Anderson Economic Group Experts Release Forensic Analysis of 2016 Michigan Election


No proof of Trump voter fraud claims in Michigan

The Detroit News,

No tampering found in Michigan presidential vote on Election Day


Advanced Statistical Analysis Shows No Evidence Of Systematic Tampering In Michigan Election