Bankruptcy Pressuring State's Budget

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Red Wings shine bright through Hockeytown struggles

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Federal stimulus package contains benefits for retail

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Economic Assessment and Commercial Development Strategy Scio Township DDA

In planning for future growth in the community, the Township of Scio, through its Downtown Development Authority and the Economic Study Task Force, retained Anderson Economic Group to complete an economic development strategic.

We started with a rigorous economic analysis, pinpointing the industries and occupations with the most growth opportunity in coming years. We also analyzed the employment base from which workers would come, identified a measurable gap in office space, and uncovered current and projected demographic trends of the area. Our findings led us to recommend a plan to locate businesses along the Jackson road corridor, with an emphasis on the Baker and Zeeb Road interchanges for increased visibility and accessibility.

Our recommendations, which were documented along with the details of our analysis in a final report and presentation, included developing a business campus with Class A office space and limited retail; creating a town center atmosphere at the intersection of Zeeb and Jackson Roads; and to physically integrate future development along Jackson Road with connecting roads, shared parking, and common access points.

What if the government bailed out of the bailouts?


State of the State: Hope or Hoopla?

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Rx For Michigan: Primetime Special with Patrick L. Anderson

“Rx for Michigan

Is Healthcare the Prescription for What Ails Michigan’s Economy?


Primetime Special Airs Saturday, February 7 at 9pm

With Patrick L. Anderson


Lost your job?  Are you wondering where you will find good-paying jobs now and down the road?  These are questions more and more people in Michigan are facing every day, but the answers may surprise them and provide some solutions as well.  

“Rx for Michigan,” the latest installment in WWJ-TV’s breakthrough “Eye on the Future” series, will air during prime time on Saturday, Feb. 7 at 9 pm and features exclusive interviews with major leaders and decision-makers including Patrick L. Anderson of Anderson Economic Group. The program also includes industry insiders telling viewers how these new lifelines can help them and their families as well as offering behind-the-scenes looks at healthcare facilities in action. 

Healthcare is the largest creator of jobs in the state.  Its impact will grow as more leaders look to life sciences, medical device manufacturing, medical care, biotech, and medical tourism to lead Michigan out of its economic pain.

“Rx for Michigan” is hosted by Carol Cain, WWJ-TV editorial director, who traveled the state with chief videographer Paul Pytlowany to give viewers a front row seat on how their personal health and collective economic health are joined.

CONTACT: Tyler Marie Theile, Anderson Economic Group, 517.333.6984

For a partial list of guests, please see below:

Gov. Jennifer Granholm
Robert Ficano — Wayne County Executive
L. Brooks Patterson – Oakland County Executive
Patrick Anderson – Anderson Economic Group
Rich DeVos
Richard Blouse – Detroit Regional Chamber
Doug Rothwell – Renaissance Detroit
Edith Killins – Director, Wayne County Health & Human Services
David Van Andel – Van Andel Institute
Peter Karmanos — Compuware
A. Alfred Taubman 
Dr. Frank Sottile – Crittenton Hospital Medical Center
Dr. Eva Feldman – University of Michigan Health System
Lou Anna K. Simon – Michigan State University
Mary Sue Coleman – University of Michigan
Ambassador Pete Secchia
Brian Peters – Michigan Health & Hospital Assn
R.C. Ryder — Terumo
Dr. Robert Kelch – UM Health System
Jim Dehem- Community Living Services
Stephen Rapundalo — MichBio
Al Hoffmann- Delphi Medical 
Ken Matzick – Beaumont
Nancy Schlichting – Henry Ford Health System
Phillip Incarnati – McLaren
Carlos Guiterrez – (former) U.S. Commerce Secretary

The Cost of Bailout Versus Bankruptcy Among the Big 3

Our experts have closely followed the ups and downs of the automotive industry, providing clients with detailed information to help them understand and plan for the resulting changes. Our industry analysis is designed to provide timely, concise, and relevant information that can help any organization—from professional investors, to retailers, to governments—understand the rapid change in the industry, and how restructuring in the industry may impact their own sales, revenues, customer base, and more.  

In October, November, and December of 2008, our experts provided clients with a series of reports updating them on the economic relaities facing the automotive industry. AEG then teamed up with BBK, Ltd. in order to produce the first comprehensive analysis of the taxpayer costs of the Federal bridge financing requested by the auto manufacturers, compared with the likely costs of a bankruptcy declared by one or more of the same manufacturers.

Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB) Economic Impact Michigan State University, U.S. Department of Energy

On December 11, 2008 the U.S. Department of Energy (DoE) announced that Michigan State University was awarded a $55 million grant to build a Facility for Rare Isotope Beams (FRIB). MSU’s most notable competition for the facility was the Argonne National Laboratory, located near Chicago, Illinois.

Automaker Bankruptcy Would Cost Taxpayers Four Times More Than Amount of Federal Bridge Loans