Market Snapshot-Demographic and Socioeconomic Analysis: Main Street Newnan, Georgia

Anderson Economic Group completed a market snapshot for the Main Street Newnan organization in Georgia, located southwest of Atlanta. The purpose of providing Newnan Main Street with the market snapshot was to help bolster the organization’s plans for attracting and recruiting business, and to uncover potential strengths and opportunities in the downtown.

We worked with Main Street Newnan to determine the downtown’s center of market activity and its likely primary and secondary market areas in terms of drive-time distances. We next used our Geographic Information System (GIS) to plot the location and delineate the drive-time boundaries on a map. To provide a visual display of key data in the community, we customized maps to display the current year per capita income and population density, and projected percent population change, all at the block group level.

The primary and secondary market areas and the county were further analyzed to provide a detailed understanding of Newnan’s demographic and socioeconomic make-up for the current year and projected trends over the following five years. Relevant categories, including age, income, households, education attainment, and consumer expenditures were detailed in a table and summarized in a narrative to explain the trends and key points.

The market snapshot product is being used by Newnan Main Street in their business and other attraction efforts.


Corridor Market Analysis and Retail Strategy: The Dorr Street Corridor Coalition, Toledo, Ohio

Anderson Economic Group was retained to develop a retail strategy for the Dorr Street corridor, a major east/west arterial road at the core of the Greater Toledo metropolitan area. This corridor connects the University of Toledo to the city’s downtown, passing through a number of culturally diverse neighborhoods along the way. The corridor was under-served in retail, requiring local residents to travel to other retail destinations for basic needs and competitive pricing.

In developing the retail strategy for the corridor, we conducted a supply-demand (gap) analysis, fieldwork within the corridor and Toledo retail market, delineation of a primary trade area, and qualification of the results using our expertise in the retail industry and first-hand knowledge gathered in the market. Based on our analyses we concluded that there was opportunity for a specific amount of new retail square footage in 35 categories. We recommended a split of the retail opportunity in three distinct nodes along the corridor, including two major intersections and a third clustering to better link the corridor to the University of Toledo.

Our analysis and strategy recommendations were documented in a report, and provided to The Collaborative, a planning and engineering firm in Toledo that was managing the redevelopment effort. They have used the report to guide their efforts and focus preliminary investments into projects with the greatest potential for large impacts.

Retail Market Study; Sodexho USA in Bowie, Maryland: Sodexho USA – Bowie, Maryland

Case Study:
Retail Market Study
Sodexho USA – Bowie, Maryland

Anderson Economic Group (AEG) was retained by Sodexho USA to conduct a market feasibility study for a historic preservation building near Bowie University, Maryland. Sodexho, a food and facilities management services company, was interested in converting a historic building into a quality restaurant with southern, African-American or Soul Food cuisine.

Anderson Economic Group provided an assessment of the market conditions and likely success of the proposed restaurant. We conducted a site visit of the proposed historical building and rigorous field analyses in the City of Bowie and surrounding communities. We also performed an analysis of local demographics, comparing the proposed development’s trade area with the City of Bowie, Prince George, and Anne Arundel Counties, and the State of Maryland. Our market feasibility analysis also included a rigorous supply and demand analysis of restaurants. Using our market study, Sedexho USA was able to developed a highest and best use strategy for the historic preservation building.