Real-World Electric Vehicle Fueling Costs May Surprise New EV Drivers

Note: This release refers to the First Edition of this report. The updated Second Edition, released April 6, 2022, can be found here.     6 months of independent research finds fueling costs for electric vehicles (EV) are often higher than for internal combustion engines (ICE) East Lansing, MI–October 21, 2021: Anderson Economic Group released […]

COVID-19’s Continuing Toll on the Auto Industry

Current Battles and Financial Adversity: A Continued Test for the U.S Auto Industry East Lansing, MI; July 9, 2020—Anderson Economic Group analysts note that May 18, 2020 was a historic Monday in the U.S. automotive industry. On that day, after several weeks of halted production due to the pandemic, major manufacturers scored a small but […]

COVID-19 Cases Trending Down in Tesla Plant Location

Alameda County has 1.6 million residents; Less than 40 cases per day on average; lower than many other manufacturing locations May 12, 2020—East Lansing, Michigan—The auto industry experts at Anderson Economic Group, together with the data analytics firm Supported Intelligence, have analyzed COVID-19 case data for all 50 states and multiple countries. These analyses, regularly […]

COVID-19 Outbreak: Updated US Auto Industry Analysis 2/20/2020

Key findings of this update The auto industry experts at Anderson Economic Group estimate that the crisis will cause production in China to drop by at least 2 million units in 2020—roughly equivalent to the seven times the production loss during the 2019 UAW-GM strike in the US. The list of strongly affected automakers has […]

ARCHIVE: 2019 GM Strike Analysis

Page updated November 7, 2019 See AEG’s archived analysis below. Patrick Anderson explains the implications of this strike beyond the auto industry (Detroit News editorial, 10/2/19). Media outlets seeking the most current AEG expert analysis, interviews with Patrick Anderson and Brian Peterson, or up-to-the-minute input from our analysts should contact Lisa at 517.333.6984 or by […]

Patrick L. Anderson’s Statement on Delayed Auto Tariffs

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Anderson Economic Group CEO Patrick Anderson, whose consulting firm works with manufacturers, suppliers, and dealers in the auto industry in the U.S. and other countries, offers the following statement regarding the White House announcement of a delay in levying tariffs on imported vehicles. “The announcement is welcome news to workers and taxpayers […]