Patrick Anderson discusses General Motors on Fox Business

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Revenue at Risk for Automotive Dealerships: The Growing Use of Manufacturer Incentive Programs


Revenue at Risk for Automotive Dealers

2018 Revenue at Risk Report Manufacturer incentive programs have become increasingly controversial – the  programs are overlapping, complex, and subject to confidentiality provisions. Therefore, the general public, lawmakers, and even some dealers are uncertain about their full extent. Over at least the past six years, dealerships’ gross and operating margins have been on the decline. […]

Low-overhead auto brokers are changing the game for traditional dealerships

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University Research Corridor fuels vehicle improvements

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AEG Introduces New Automotive Advisory Service

How will changes in the automotive industry affect your organization or community? The only thing certain in today’s automotive industry (both domestic and foreign)is change, leaving communities, businesses, non-profits, investors, and individuals across the country wondering how and when the change will affect them.  The experts at Anderson Economic Group have been closely following the […]

Automaker Bankruptcy Would Cost Taxpayers Four Times More Than Amount of Federal Bridge Loans


Delphi’s Bankruptcy Likely to Cost at Least $10 Billion by 2007

General Motors Will Survive A Restructuring, but a Delphi Liquidation Would be “Dangerous.” Delphi’s bankruptcy and the ensuing restructuring of its operations in the U.S. and Canada is likely to cost U.S. workers, taxpayers, and investors at least $9.2 billion, and Canadians another $800 million, during 2007 alone, according to a 15-page preliminary report by the consulting firm Anderson Economic Group, LLC.