Automotive Dashboard

Automotive Dashboard For more than 20 years, Anderson Economic Group has taken pride in our position as the premier industry expert in automotive consulting. Our consultants, renowned for serving all three tiers of the auto industry, have designed a new interactive dashboard that will benefit manufacturers, OEMs, franchisees, trade associations, and public institutions. Our clients […]

Automotive Dashboard Launches

AEG is pleased to unveil an interactive automotive dashboard to better serve our clients and patrons in the auto industry. The dashboard shows how key industry-specific and other relevant economic indicators are performing over time, and allows users to interact with each visualization to explore the data in depth. AEG will update this feature both […]

Revenue at Risk for Automotive Dealerships: The Growing Use of Manufacturer Incentive Programs


Revenue at Risk for Automotive Dealers

2018 Revenue at Risk Report Manufacturer incentive programs have become increasingly controversial – the  programs are overlapping, complex, and subject to confidentiality provisions. Therefore, the general public, lawmakers, and even some dealers are uncertain about their full extent. Over at least the past six years, dealerships’ gross and operating margins have been on the decline. […]

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