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Preliminary Report: The Economic Benefits of the University Research Corridor

The University Research Corridor (URC) is an alliance of Michigan’s three largest academic institutions: Michigan State University, the University of Michigan, and Wayne State University. The purpose of this alliance is to accelerate economic development in Michigan by educating students, attracting talented workers to Michigan, supporting innovation, and encouraging the transfer of technology to the private sector.

The URC asked Anderson Economic Group to undertake a comprehensive study to quantify the economic impact of the Research Corridor universities’ activities on Michigan’s economy. The first annual report will answer the question: What would the loss be to the state if the Research Corridor universities left Michigan? The report will then measure and benchmark the URC’s economic contributions to the state in terms of jobs, earnings, economic development activities, and tax revenue.

This document is a preview to the first annual report and lays the foundation for the economic impact analysis in that report.

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