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Patrick L. Anderson’s Statement on Delayed Auto Tariffs


Anderson Economic Group CEO Patrick Anderson, whose consulting firm works with manufacturers, suppliers, and dealers in the auto industry in the U.S. and other countries, offers the following statement regarding the White House announcement of a delay in levying tariffs on imported vehicles.

“The announcement is welcome news to workers and taxpayers in states like Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Alabama, South Carolina, and New York, as well as Ontario and Mexico. Our analysis of the threatened tariffs is that they would affect over a million jobs in these states and provinces, and would do so quickly.

“The auto industry has been operating across the Canadian border since the 1960s, and across the Mexican border since the 1980s. A 25% tariff on ‘imported’ cars from Canada and Mexico would have devastating repercussions to that entire industry, because almost all of those ‘imported’ cars are actually made with U.S. parts, U.S. technology, and are U.S. suppliers.”

“I’ve said it before, and it bears repeating: It makes no sense to ‘tariff their cars’ when they are our cars.”

Anderson added that his analysis of the likely effect of a 25% tariff was consistent with that of other industry experts, including the Center for Auto Research.

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