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New Report Assesses Infrastructure and Land Use in Chicago's Olympic Bid

October 1, 2008

If games are awarded, what can the city do to maximize long-term economic benefits?

Chicago, IL-Topografis, along with Anderson Economic Group, has released a report titled “Land Use and Infrastructure Investments by Olympic Host Cities: ‘Legacy’ Projects and Long-term Economic Benefits.” The report assesses both Chicago’s bid and the performance of past Olympic hosts. It then identifies specific infrastructure projects that will 1) yield lasting economic benefits for Chicagoans, 2) facilitate the hosting of a successful Olympic games, and 3) provide a strategic, and responsible, use of city tax dollars.

The full report is at and

The report’s authors, Peter Kindel and Scott Watkins, are available for interviews. Peter Kindel will be available for in-person interviews. Scott Watkins will be available via telephone. Please call Tyler Marie Theile at 517.333.6984 for scheduling.

Chicago is poised to host the 2016 Summer Olympic Games, but little is said in its bid to elaborate on improvements to municipal infrastructure, such as roadways, airports, public transportation, and public parks.  These projects are simply said to occur as part of the city’s “natural growth.” Doing this, however, would result in a missed opportunity to fully leverage the Olympic Games. This paper thoroughly addresses the issue of long-term land use and infrastructure projects that Olympic host cities commonly undertake, and recommends specific projects to stimulate lasting economic benefits.

CONTACT: Tyler Marie Theile, 517.333.6984