Anderson Economic Group Work

Market Strategy: Oldham County, Kentucky

Anderson Economic Group was retained by the Oldham County Economic Development Corporation (OCEDC) to undertake and complete a Business Park Market Analysis. The strategy for the new business campus specified the break-down of total available acres for build-out and the recommended allocation of those acres for several different land uses including office space, single-family homes, mixed-uses, civic space, entertainment venues, parks, and public schools.

We provided a plan of action that detailed the amenities that the campus must address, with a wide range of variables, site and locational attributes, and other strategic considerations. In identifying the target attributes for Oldham County’s campus, we focused on the success of the top analogous markets such as St. Louis, Indianapolis, Nashville, Raleigh, Charlotte, and Lexington.

To maximize the full market potential of the proposed business campus, we compared the characteristics between various test locations and identified any attributes that it must target. Our results presented the OCEDC with elements for success through forecasts of demand and opportunity, along with forecasts of the sale price per acre, and recommendations on the project size for each phase of development.