Anderson Economic Group Work

Market-Entry Analysis for Turkish Exporters’ Assembly

The Turkish Exporters’ Assembly (TIM) is a public-private partnership representing over 65,000 businesses. Anderson Economic Group was retained by TIM to conduct a market-entry analysis for Turkish Trade Centers (TTC) that are opening in Chicago and New York.

Turkish Trade Centers are business development hubs for Turkish-based companies that seek to enter into—or expand within—the United States.

Our analysis is focused on six primary sectors including:

  • Machinery,
  • Plastics,
  • Textile & apparel,
  • Home textile,
  • Carpet, and
  • Furniture.

We used the resources of our offices in both of those American cities, as well as our office in Istanbul, to triangulate the best possible strategy for entering the highly-competitive U.S. market.
Our work has been compiled into a series of presentations for use at a conference with Turkish executives in New York City later this year.