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Location Advantages for an Auto Supplier Exchange Firm

AEG was commissioned by Oakland County to research the best potential locations for Covisint. Covisint is a large e-commerce venture, established by the major auto manufacturers, which will create one of the world’s largest electronic marketplaces.  

By linking manufacturers with their supply bases, Covisint holds the promise of reducing transaction costs and shortening procurement time, with significant cost-reduction potential for automakers.

This study relies upon the extensive geographical information systems (GIS) facility developed by our firm, which includes the location of all automobile and truck assembly plants in North America, as well as the locations of the top 100 suppliers to original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) in the North American automobile industry. It also relies upon our firm’s extensive knowledge of the automobile industry, and the knowledge gained from our business climate comparison and site selection consulting practice.

The complete report, including full-color maps showing supplier and assembly plant locations in North America and Southeastern Michigan.