Illinois consumer access to cannabis on the rise, but choices still limited

Chicago, IL—New analysis by experts at Anderson Economic Group shows that consumer access to retail cannabis in Illinois is on the rise. “Four in five Illinois residents now live within a 20-minute drive of an adult-use cannabis dispensary, and three in four are within a 20-minute drive of a medical cannabis dispensary,” said Andrew Miller, a consultant at Anderson Economic Group. (Refer to the maps below for distribution of dispensaries and population across the state, or see the full pdf here).

Illinois Residents in Proximity to Medical and Adult-Use Cannabis Dispensaries, 2020

Drive-Time from Dispensary
Share of Total Illinois Population
Near Medical Dispensary
Share of Illinois Population Age 21+
Near Adult-Use Dispensary
10 minutes 40.8% 55.1%
20 minutes 75.6% 80.7%
30 minutes 85.3% 89.6%

Source: Esri, Inc. using data from the U.S. Census Bureau (demographic data); Esri, Inc. using data from HERE Maps (drive-time data); Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation (dispensary locations)
Analysis: Anderson Economic Group

Although many residents are now a quick drive away from a retail store, Miller cautioned that proximity is only one measure of market accessibility. “Having a store nearby certainly makes it easier to purchase retail cannabis,” he said, “but it does not necessarily mean consumers have the level of choice they are accustomed to when purchasing other consumer goods.” Miller noted that Illinois’ count of adult-use dispensaries remains relatively low 18 months into legal retail sales. According to the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulations (IDFPR), there are currently 110 adult-use cannabis dispensaries across the state – one for every 117,000 Illinois residents. In contrast, in Michigan – the nearest state where both medical and adult-use cannabis are legal – residents have much greater access to adult-use cannabis, with one licensed adult-use store for every 32,000 residents.

Limited consumer choice can result in less competitive pricing and may be one reason why 70% of cannabis consumed in Illinois comes from sources outside of retail stores, according to Anderson Economic Group estimates. “Access, choice, and pricing are among the factors leading many consumers to purchase cannabis outside of the retail market,” Miller said. Miller estimates that Illinois’ cannabis market was $3.3 billion in 2020, with only $1.0 billion coming from retail stores.

Looking forward, Miller expects the number of dispensaries in Illinois to continue growing. IDFPR is set to issue 185 new adult-use cannabis dispensary licenses through three lotteries. This includes 75 licenses that were originally scheduled to be awarded by May 2020. The addition of these adult-use dispensaries will bring the state total to 295. “These additional dispensaries will offer consumers greater choice and encourage competition between dispensaries,” Miller said.

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