Anderson Economic Group Work

Franchise Value Analysis: Heineken USA and Alaska Distributors

Heineken USA is a leading importer of beer into the United States, including the flagship Heineken beer. Alaska Distributors is a wholesaler of malt beverages in Washington and Alaska.

Heineken did not approve a proposed transfer of distribution rights to another wholesaler, and later terminated the existing wholesaler and appointed a new wholesaler, Alaska Distributors. The market area for the distributor was North of Seattle, Washington.

AEG prepared a detailed damages analysis that estimated, under three different legal standards, the proper dollar amount of damages. This involved a detailed market assessment of the beer industry, an analysis of the proper standards under Washington law and industry practice, a forensic analysis of a purchase agreement, and financial analysis of the business and its value. We prepared an expert report which was deposed. We also provided an analysis of the opposing expert’s report, and questions to be posed to the opposing expert.

Soon after the deposition, a settlement was reached on acceptable terms for our client.