Anderson Economic Group Work

Fiscal Stability Assessment: Collier County, Florida

Collier County, located in southwest Florida, has experienced very rapid growth in recent years, in population, development, and County revenues and expenditures.

The County, recognizing that their rate of growth will likely not be sustained, retained Anderson Economic Group to help the County plan for the fiscal impacts of slowing growth. To assist the County, AEG began by analyzing the County’s economy, demography, and geography, as well as the major sources of tax and fee revenue that support the general operations of County government. We also assembled a baseline forecast of key economic and demographic factors that will affect County revenues, and assessed how the County’s fiscal structure would be impacted given the expected changes. Finally, we presented the four different policy options available to the County. For each option, we explained how changes in the tax and fee structure will likely affect the County’s revenues, economic diversification efforts, housing affordability, and the incidence of taxes.

We provided the Collier County EDC with a 60 page report to detail our analysis. We were also invited by the EDC to meet with the County’s Commissioners, and to attend a two-hour, televised workgroup at which we presented our complete report to the County Board of Commissioners, the County Manager, and members of the community.

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