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Feedback on Dynamic Risk Report, Patrick L. Anderson

Patrick Anderson, the founder of Anderson Economic Group, released a letter today severely criticizing the assessment of the risks and alternatives to Line 5 that was produced by a consultant to the State of Michigan, and asked the State to adopt a new approach. The letter, which was addressed to the State’s pipeline advisory board, identified three serious deficiencies:

1. The report dramatically underestimates the risk of spill or rupture to the Michigan
2. The report’s economic impact assessment of Line 5 is fallacious to the point of absurdity.
3. The report excluded an alternative that would avoid transporting petroleum products
    across the open waters of the Great Lakes.

“Unfortunately, the State’s well-meaning efforts to assess the risks of Line 5’s continued operations and identify alternatives is inadequate to the needs of our state. This is not just an environmental issue; our state’s economy depends on the Great Lakes as does our quality of life,” said Anderson. “Most of our employees, and many or our clients, live in and near the Great Lakes. I don’t feel I can stand by and let the situation worsen without asking for a new approach.”

The letter concludes:

In my opinion, the State of Michigan is not likely to identify properly one or more constructive alternatives simply from their contractors writing a better version of a flawed report. In order to move toward a future in which there is minimal risk to the Great Lakes and the Michigan economy, the State needs to adopt a new approach for looking at this issue.

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