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The technology and life sciences industry are important components of today’s modern economy

Our consultants can help you understand the technology and life sciences industry in your region or state. We can provide detailed information on the types of businesses in your region, the strengths of the industry and new opportunities for growth.

Technology and Life Sciences Industry Services

AEG’s experts combine their knowledge of economics and policy to provide those in the technology and life sciences industry with a variety of services.

These assessments allow industry groups, trade associations, and governments to better understand their industry’s size, strengths, and trends over time. We also identify and provide data for specific industry sectors, such as information technology, medical, and life sciences. We can determine industry employment, average wages, growth and contraction trends, strengths and weaknesses, and estimate economic and fiscal impacts.

Our team can estimate the employment and earnings of businesses in the technology and life sciences industry. These allow the community, business leaders, and governments to better understand the industry’s impact, both on the economy and on municipal finances. These can also be used to analyze projects, such as new facilities or workforce training programs, and identify which will yield the greatest potential returns.

Our workforce assessments analyze and identify employment and compensation trends for the Technology and Life Sciences industry. These analyses illustrate the size and breadth of an occupation, uncover potential labor shortages and training needs, and help economic developers, groups, and trade associations leverage the strength of their workforce. We also provide salary and compensation surveys that help businesses attract and retain top talent.

Our market analysts can provide a close study of unique market and land attributes to help you determine the best location for your business.

Our consultants can develop strategies that help steer efforts to strengthen industry clusters within a regional economy. AEG can help communities better understand the local economy and what factors, such as taxes, infrastructure, and workforce, influence the growth of particular industries.

Our finance and valuation experts specialize in estimating the value of new technologies and intellectual property. Our economic and market forecasts, along with operations and management assessments, are used to carefully project demand, sales volumes, and earnings potential, from which we derive an estimated business or asset value for use by investors and owners.

These reports are a consice analysis of your business’ or organization’s trade area demographics. For more information please visit our Market Snapshots Reports webpage.

AEG consultants understand the technology and life sciences industry and can offer analysis that helps you understand the size and strengths of this industry in your region. Our clients have included trade associations and local governments. Please see “featured work” on the right side of the screen for specific examples of our work in this field.

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