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Small tax policy changes can mean big changes in the amount individuals or businesses owe in taxes. AEG uses decades of knowledge and expertise in the economy and state and local finances to estimate the consequences of tax policy and regulation. We go the extra mile by estimating not just what the direct impact will be on those who are regulated or those who pay the tax, but how the tax changes will be reflected in price changes and consumer and business behavior.

AEG analysis allows trade associations, businesses, and individuals to understand what policies affect them most and to use the credible information we provide in the political arena. And we work with governments to help them understand the consequences of their policies and implement best practices.

Project Spotlight

Anderson Economic Group’s Business Tax Burden Rankings


AEG’s Business Tax Burden Rankings is an comprehensive report on the business tax burdens of all 50 states and the District of Columbia. The 2017 report shows Oklahoma, Oregon, and North Carolina leading the nation with the lowest business tax burdens, and Maine, Wyoming and North Dakota with the highest burdens. Since 2006, the report has considered more than just corporate income taxes, addressing 11 different categories of taxes paid by business. Of these, property and sales taxes are the largest.
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Analysis of 2014 Proposal 1: Personal Property Tax Reform

Small Business for Michigan, July 2014

Examined Proposal 14-1 (effort to repeal the Michigan personal property tax for industrial purposes) and the laws it references, and identified the set of policies that would be in place if the Proposal passes. Identified the change in taxes on business and shift in revenues for state and local governments. Assessed the economic consequences of these changes, and how such economic changes might affect tax revenue.
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Fiscal Analysis of HB 76 and SB 76

Pennsylvania Association of Realtors, May 2014

Completed analysis of House Bill 76 (HB 76) and Senate Bill 76 (SB 76), the Property Tax Independence Act. HB 76 was a tax reform to replace school district property taxes with state grants. Estimated the impact of HB 76 on state revenues and school operating revenues. Compared stability of revenues from different taxes and compared rates in HB 76 to those of neighboring states.

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