Industry Expertise
Notable Cases

AEG client project locations, 2020

Anderson Economic Group’s accomplished consultants have provided invaluable expert testimony in each of our areas of expertise, including business strategy, public policy, and market analysis. Our work has proven effective in multiple venues, including state and federal courts, legislative hearings, and commercial arbitration panels.

Below, you’ll find some of the representative cases that have made our experts highly sought after nationally by both clients and their attorneys.

Representative examples of our past work include:

  • One of America’s largest alcoholic beverage importers, facing state regulations that interfere with their ability to conduct business with their franchisees in other states.
  • Several of the largest alcoholic beverage importers in the US, in termination disputes involving franchisees in various states.
  • Numerous automobile dealers and their associations, facing the entrance of a new competitor into an existing sales territory.
  • Numerous beer and wine wholesalers, experiencing commercial damages due to loss of franchise rights or unexpected business interruption.
  • Several of the largest automobile manufacturers and tier I suppliers, facing the potential bankruptcy of a major supplier.
  • A Fortune 500 manufacturing firm facing an unexpected state tax claim, based on a novel theory of apportionment.
  • One of our nation’s largest cities, facing labor arbitration hearings with three public safety unions.
  • A populous industrial state, facing a constitutional challenge to a newly-adopted business tax.
  • A major party presidential candidate, facing litigation over disputed election results.
  • Several cities facing huge environmental damages based on statistical and survey research claims.
  • A large city experiencing major cost increases due to a change in state law.
  • The board of directors of a publicly-traded REIT, facing a hostile takeover.
  • Citizen groups challenging economic impact claims in applications for gaming facility development.
  • Franchisees effectively forced to participate in a resale-price maintenance arrangement established by the franchisor.
  • A supplier facing a state antitrust law claim, in an industry with a pervasive state regulatory scheme.
  • Inventors that have created and patented new products, but found them infringed or otherwise sought damages estimates based on intellectual property rights.

$20M settlement reached for U.S. Consumers of Beck’s Beer


Commercial Damages Expert Report: Alaska Rent-A-Car vs. Avis Budget Group, Federal District Court


AEG consultants have advised companies around the globe using the same successful methodology as with their U.S. clients. AEG has participated and given presentations in multiple forums for international business to business meetings. Some representative engagements of this type include:

  • Presenting the strategic interests of U.S. manufacturing and other entities in purchasing products from Turkey at the first Michigan-Turkey Trade Forum in Istanbul in 2012. AEG’s CEO, Patrick Anderson, and Senior Economist, Ilhan K. Geckil, gave the keynote speeches.
  • Organizing and sponsoring a seminar for the leading Macedonian wine producers and Macedonian Agency for Foreign Investments and Export Promotion. AEG’s Senior Economist, Ilhan K. Geckil, gave a presentation on the wine industry and opportunities in the U.S.
  • Consulting with a major Canadian agricultural trade association on the impact on their industry’s earnings and costs of a potential labor-related disruption to Canada’s rail transportation network. Alex Rosaen, AEG’s director of Public Policy and Economic Analysis authored the report.
  • Assisting an international retailer in the establishment of a major new retail location in a Caribbean country, including assessing trade, cost, and other factors and comparing them to U.S. benchmarks.
  • Sponsoring the Eastern European Chamber of Commerce beverage expo, involving potential importers from Serbia, Montenegro, Croatia, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, and Turkey in Chicago in 2011. AEG’s CEO, Patrick Anderson, gave the keynote speech on U.S. opportunities.
  • Benchmarking costs for both manufacturing and service firms, including tax, labor, and material costs, in North American cities in Canada and the United States.
  • Providing AEG’s automotive industry publications and advice to tier I and tier II suppliers operating in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe.
  • Advising an NYSE-listed Chinese company in valuing equity interests involved in executive compensation.
  • Producing published research on international trade originating from Michigan and arriving in countries around the globe for the U.S. Department of Commerce and local governments.
  • Presenting an analysis of the automotive industry in the United States, Europe, and Asia for trade attaches of 30 different countries for the association of trade commissioners representing numerous countries around the globe.