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Commercial Damages

AEG specializes in the estimation of commercial damages due to a variety of causes. Depending on the facts of the case, the appropriate measure of damages may be lost profits, diminished value, disgorged profits, price premiums, or other factors.

Our methods for assessing damages include analysis of financial and operational records; industry and competitive analysis; financial models and forecasts; and sophisticated techniques such as real options or simulation modeling if needed. Anderson Economic Group expert opinions have proven highly credible in courtrooms and other forensic settings.

We produce our reports under the written quality standards we follow at Anderson Economic Group. These standards require:

  1. Documentation of sources;
  2. Use of a sound methodology;
  3. Review of the methodology and findings by other competent professionals;
  4. Creation and periodic indexing of a project file that includes source data and supporting documents; and
  5. Proper summarization of the purpose, methodology, sources, and findings in a written document.


We have represented clients in the following areas:

  • Consumer damages
  • Contract disputes
  • Distribution rights
  • Lost profits
  • Relocation analyses
  • Sales performance disputes
  • Territory disputes

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