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Clients have relied on Anderson Economic Group to estimate consumer demand for legal cannabis products and to determine the impacts of market reforms and taxation since 2015.

Anderson Economic Group is a leading consulting firm in the cannabis industry. Our consultants have tracked and forecast demand for cannabis in all 50 states since 2015 using a rigorous, award-winning methodology. We have helped public and private sector clients across the country to understand the impacts of legalization, taxation, and regulatory reforms on demand for medicinal and adult-use cannabis products.

Cannabis Project Spotlight

Economics of the Michigan Cannabis Industry: Market Structure, Size, and Growth

Michigan Cannabis Manufacturers Association, June 2021

Conducted a thorough review of the history and structure of Michigan’s cannabis market. Constructed customized cannabis demand model to estimate the size of the Michigan cannabis market. Estimates quantified dollar value of market segments 2019 and 2020, including retail sales, medical caregiver transactions, and other licit and illicit transactions.

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Market Study for Cannabis Products in Michigan and Illinois

June, 2021

Reviewed key regulatory aspects of the cannabis market in Michigan and Illinois, as well as locations of medical and adult-use cannabis stores relative to where consumers live, and data on frequency of use, quantity consumed, retail store sales, and counts of registered medical patients in each state. Constructed a customized market size model to quantified the total value of cannabis consumed through retail and non-retail channels in each state since 2010.

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The AndCan® Index quantifies consumer demand for legal cannabis products for all 50 states in the United States. The index has been produced by Anderson Economic Group since 2017, using a rigorous methodology based on fundamentals of consumer demand. The index estimates demand in states (and portions of states) that have not yet legalized marijuana for medical or recreational use, as well as those in which some such sales are legal.

The 2023 benchmark uses the latest data on demand in emerging markets.

Most Americans now live in a state with legal medical cannabis. Thirty-three states have functioning medical cannabis markets, and three more have legalized medical cannabis but not yet begun legal sales. A smaller but still substantial number of Americans live in a legal recreational cannabis state. Twelve states have functioning recreational cannabis markets, and six more have legalized recreational cannabis but not yet begun legal sales.

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