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AEG’s team of industry, business, and financial experts combine advanced analytical skills with a full understanding of the complexities of the three-tier system to provide those in the alcoholic beverage industry with complete analyses, strategic advice, and dispute resolution.

Alcohol Beverage Industry Services

Our experts provide importers, brewers, distillers, distributors, and retailers with:

The value of a business in a franchised industry is not determined solely by its income, or its assets. The franchise, market, and other characteristics can often be more important than the past accounting income. AEG has provided assistance to business persons that are interested in buying or selling a franchise. We understand the industry structure and the underlying economic market; our valuations are much more realistic than those based primarily on accounting statements or simple rules-of-thumb.

Our financial experts are available to assist organizations on either the buy or the sell side of a transaction. We use the same rigorous analytics and economic assessments as in other valuation assignments, and adapt our advice to the unique situation of our clients in order to forecast sales, profits, and demand in the market.

We apply our extensive experience and Geographic Information System (GIS) to provide in-depth analyses of distributor areas. We start with a careful understanding of your distribution network, the distributor agreement, and the current market conditions, and provide current and forecasted demographic and socio-economic data, competitor analyses, demand forecasts, target market identification, sales performance assessments, and strategies to help you identify opportunities to increase performance.

AEG specializes in the estimation of commercial damages due to a variety of causes. Depending on the facts, the appropriate measure may be lost profits, diminished value, or some other measure. These methods include analysis of financial and operational records, industry and competitive analysis, discounted cash flow models, and sophisticated techniques such as real options or simulation modeling.

Anderson Economic Group provides expert testimony and reports in each of our areas of expertise. Senior AEG consultants often provide expert testimony, and are bona fide experts in their fields based primarily on their professional and scholarly accomplishments. All our experts perform professional work in situations that do not involve litigation, ensuring the credibility that is associated with true independence and real-world experience.

We help beverage distributors maximize their potential based on our expertise in retail economics and distribution networks. We analyze sales performance, consumer brand preferences, and market competition to help businesses achieve optimal sales performance within their current network, and to identify opportunities to restructure their network to better fit the market.

We have experience with clients in the alcoholic beverage industry representing Heineken, Beck’s North America, Diageo-Guinness, The Gambrinus Company, InBev USA, Labatt, National Wine & Spirits Corp, NWS, and William Grant & Sons. We also have worked with various wholesalers distributing Budweiser, Corona, Coors, Dos Equis, Heineken, Jim Beam, Miller, Molson, Mondavi, Seagram’s, Smirnoff, Stolichnaya, Tecate, and other products. Our team has also been recognized by the Business Brokerage Press (BBP) as valuation experts in the beer distributorship/wholesaler industry.

Our alcohol beverage consulting experts

Anderson Economic Group Consultants are real people analyzing real world data.

We work one on one with you to identify unique challenges and apply industry expertise to solve your most complex business problems.

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