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The energy and environment industries face many challenges and opportunities. From new technologies and changing customer preferences, to a changing regulatory environment, our company has helped firms in these industries.

At AEG, we provide high quality analysis coupled with clear, concise communication of the impact of economic and demographic trends, as well as proposed regulations, laws, investments, and facilities. Our work can assist any client engaged in the issues facing these industries, from companies proposing a development to interest groups or lawmakers requiring timely analysis of regulations, laws, or projects.

Energy and Environment Industry Services

Our economists and public policy analysts can assess the impact a new power plant or facility will have on regional earnings and employment. These analyses help policymakers and business leaders understand the impact the business will have on the community.

Our economists and public policy analysts can assess the impact a new facility or regulatory change will have on the tax revenue and expenditures of a government municipality. These studies allow government officials to effectively evaluate or plan for a new development or project that affects tax revenue, service fees, or the cost of providing services.
Our consultants can assess the impact of regulatory changes, providing businesses and policymakers with the necessary information to make good regulatory decisions.
Small tax policy changes can mean big changes in the amount individuals or businesses owe in taxes, and tax burdens can vary by size of business or among industries. AEG has expertise in tax policy and can estimate how a tax change will impact the tax burdens borne by businesses and/or individuals.
Our market and industry analysis specialists can assist in determining the best location for a new facility.
These assessments provide a close look at the current and projected demographic and socio-economic characteristics of any geographic area. Our work includes Brownfield analyses as well as other locations where a business or project in energy and telecommunications may be affected. The focus of our analysis can be tailored to fit specific needs, whether it be identifying growth areas or filling regulatory requirements.
These assessments allow industry groups, trade associations, and governments to better understand their industry’s size, strengths, and trends over time.  We can determine industry employment, average wages, growth and contraction trends, strengths and weaknesses, and estimate economic and fiscal impacts.
These studies evaluate the health or environmental impacts of a facility, installation, or activity  on minority and low-income populations.
We provide expert testimony reports for use in state and federal courts, regulatory proceedings, state legislative hearings, local zoning boards, the International Court of Claims, arbitration panels, and other venues.

These reports are a consice analysis of your business’ or organization’s trade area demographics. For more information please visit our Market Snapshots Reports webpage.

AEG consultants understand the energy and telecommunications industry and can offer a wide array of services from site selection to economic impact studies. Our clients have included companies such as LS Power, Wolverine Power Cooperative, ITC Holdings Corp., SBC Communications, and Small Business Association of Michigan. Please see “featured work” on the right side of the screen for specific examples of our work in this field.

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Principal and CEO

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Director, Public Policy & Economic Analysis

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