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Our economic impact analyses studies help policy makers, businesses, and community members understand how a business, project, policy change, or special event has affected or will affect jobs and earnings for local residents, and sales for local businesses.

We are careful to identify only the net impacts, so stakeholders can understand the true effects on the local economy, after accounting for economic activity that might be substituted or displaced. Our fiscal impact studies forecast impacts on tax and fee revenues and the cost of public services including utilities, roads, parking, police, and emergency services. Again, we carefully consider costs, substitution, and displacement to provide a net fiscal impact that illustrates the “bottom line” for a jurisdiction

Project Spotlight

The Economic Impact of Michigan’s University Research Corridor

University Research Corridor, January 2017

Evaluated the impact of Michigan’s University Research Corridor (URC), an alliance of Michigan’s three largest public universities, on spending and employment in Michigan. Accounted for university operations, student spending, and incremental increase in alumni earnings. Estimated the impact of the URC on state tax revenues. Compared the URC to peer university clusters on education, research, and technology transfer metrics.

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The Economic Impact of the Barack Obama Presidential Library in Chicago

University of Chicago, May 2015

Performed extensive research on the attendance and operations for other presidential museums across the country. Estimated the potential attendance to the Obama Library, as well as the net economic impact the library would have on the city due to construction, operations, and the attraction of new visitors.

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Director, Market & Industry Analysis

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Director, Public Policy & Economic Analysis

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