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Anderson Economic Group has been closely following the U.S. legal cannabis market since 2015. Our market benchmarks and monthly AndCan® Index offer the industry’s gold standard for demand analysis across all 50 states, and our widely-cited experts are unmatched at interpreting data in this field.

AndCan® Index

Anderson Economic Group’s monthly AndCan® Index was launched in June 2017. It reflects observed demand from U.S. states that have legalized cannabis, and estimates latent demand in states where data on observed demand are unavailable.

The AndCan® Index builds upon:

  • Over four years of comprehensive coverage of the U.S. legal cannabis market and assessments of demand by Anderson Economic Group;
  • A rigorous methodology that has been presented in technical papers at two professional economics conferences; and
  • More than two decades of business consulting experience worldwide.

Comments from other professional economists have been incorporated into the AndCan Index, as has additional research by Anderson Economic Group consultants.

In March 2019, Anderson Economic Group released the 2019 benchmarked AndCan Index, which included a number of methodological and data improvements. They added data for a number of states that were not included in the original index, and updated the AndCan methodology to take advantage of new data.

Representative Resources

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2019 Benchmark Update

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Patrick L. Anderson

Principal and CEO

Kenan Cosguner

Consultant & Controller

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