Anderson Economic Group Work

Economic and Demographic Market Assessment: Forecasting University of Detroit Jesuit

The University of Detroit Jesuit High School and Academy (U of D Jesuit) recognized the need to complete a strategic plan to help guide the school over the next ten years. Anderson Economic Group, along with Project Innovations, teamed to provide the school with a complete strategic plan, which centered on our economic and demographic analysis that identified demographic and economic trends likely to impact the school in coming years.

For our analysis, we used our Geographic Information System (GIS) to determine a trade area for the school, taking into consideration current and past student addresses, current trends in demographic change, transportation networks, and competitor school locations. We then identified four unique market segments within the overall trade area, and provided an economic and demographic assessment and forecast for each. Additionally, we surveyed administrators from elementary and middle schools that had previously enrolled U of D Jesuit students, and reported on the factors that parents and students consider when selecting a high school. From this the school was able to understand how market changes would impact its core segments, and identify opportunities for strengthening its enrollment base.

Our team presented the findings to the school’s strategic planning board, and assisted in integrating the findings into an overall strategic plan addressing academics, athletics, facilities, instruction, and recruitment. The full analysis, detailed findings, and recommendations were documented in a final report, complete with data appendix and full-color exhibits, and provided to the school’s leadership team.