Anderson Economic Group Work

Critical Review: Gun Lake Band of Potowattami Indians Environmental, Economic, and Community Impact Assessment

Anderson Economic Group was retained to assess the economic impacts of a proposed tribal casino in West Michigan. Our work included:

  1. A critical review of the methodology used in the economic and social impacts assessment submitted by the Gun Lake Band to the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA); and
  2. Preparing an independent economic impact assessment of the proposed casino using our own sophisticated methodology and rigorous analysis.
  3. In May, 2005, nearly two years after completing the above work, we issued a response to a critique of our work done by proponents of the proposed casino.

The development calls for a casino to be developed by the Match-e-Be-Nash-She-Wish tribe, also know as the Gun Lake Band of Potawatomi Indians, on a site midway between Grand Rapids and Kalamazoo, in Wayland Township, Michigan. At the time of this study, the tribe had submitted an “Environmental Assessment” to the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) in order to have the development site placed into trust. 

The BIA requires that “Environmental Assessments” contain a section discussing economic and community impacts. After the Tribe’s submission to the BIA, Anderson Economic Group assisted the GRACC by reviewing and commenting on the Tribe’s economic and social impact study. Our review was then included as part of a larger filing that the GRACC sent to the BIA.