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Costs and Benefits of a Wage Increase for Home Help Workers

The Michigan Quality Home Care Campaign, a coalition of senior citizen advocacy groups, home care providers, community groups, and religious leaders, represents the interests of state home care workers. During the legislative budget process, this group sought higher wages for home care workers in the State of Michigan.

The Michigan Quality Home Care Campaign retained Anderson Economic Group to complete a cost-benefit analysis of Michigan’s Home Help Program. Home Help is one of several programs the State of Michigan provides for low-income individuals who need long-term care but do not want to move out of their homes. The AEG report analyzed the public and private costs and benefits of increasing the wages of the state’s home care workers.

We provided our client with a 30-page report that reviewed the state’s Medicaid Long-Term Care (LTC) options, analyzed the cost of various LTC options; analyzed the fiscal impact of increased wages for Home Help workers on the State of Michigan’s annual LTC expenditures, and estimated the private benefits of patients being able to stay in their own homes.

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