Shaharyar Manawar

Senior Analyst

Mr. Manawar is a senior analyst with Anderson Economic Group. He specializes in analyzing industry trends, regional economies, and financial analyses of privately held companies.

Mr. Manawar’s work has been applied in numerous projects involving expert testimony during litigation, with a significant focus on business and franchise valuations, commercial damages, and lost profits. In addition to franchised retail clients, he conducts market and industry analyses for reports and studies involving franchised retail clients, governments, and trade associations such as the Arizona Association of Realtors, the County Road Association of Michigan, and Destination Ann Arbor.

Mr. Manawar earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in public policy from Michigan State University, focusing on urban redevelopment and regulatory analysis. He also manages the firm’s automotive dashboard, offering analysis and commentary on several auto and economic indicators. He is often quoted in the media regarding automotive industry trends.

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