Dr. Roman Garagulagian

Affiliated Expert

Roman Garagulagian is an affiliated expert with Anderson Economic Group. He is also the principal economist at Forensic Economic Services specializing in determining economic damages. He is experienced in applying economic theory, complex data, and quantitative methods to questions related to litigation.

Dr. Garagulagian’s work has focused primarily on the analysis of lost earnings resulting from the death or injury conduct and damages in various matters. His experience in employment includes analysis of injury for gender discrimination and wage and hour litigation. Dr. Garagulagian also has conducted analyses in wrongful termination and other employment litigation.

Dr. Garagulagian teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in finance including corporate finance, business forecasting, and financial modeling. He has taught multiple courses in over 500 teaching hours at Cal Poly Pomona’s Department of Finance, Real Estate, and Law.

Dr. Garagulagian is a member of:

  • The National Association of Forensic Economics
  • The American Economic Association
  • The American Academy of Economic and Financial Experts
  • The Los Angeles Chapter of National Association for Business Economics

He holds the following degrees:

  • PhD, economics, Claremont Graduate University
  • MS, economic analysis, Cal Poly Pomona
  • BS, economics, Cal Poly Pomona
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