Jonathan Tsarong-Blomker

Affiliated Expert

Mr. Tsarong-Blomker is a an affiliated expert at Anderson Economic Group, working in the market and industry analysis practice area. His background is in providing quantitative analyses for matters being litigated in the automotive industry.

While at AEG, Mr. Tsarong-Blomker conducted numerous analyses for automotive related matters. These analyses include the degree to which certain vehicles compete within OEM defined segments, the relationship of consumer demographics and vehicle preferences within OEM defined segments, and lost sales analyses which take into account Reilly’s law of retail gravitation.

Prior to joining Anderson Economic Group, Mr. Tsarong-Blomker worked with J.P. Matthews and Associates as a senior analyst. He has worked on dozens of cases including dealer relocations and additions, sales incentive programs, and terminations. He also worked for VivaKi, a digital marketing firm, where he oversaw operations for their offshore office in New Delhi, India and built a data analytics team in Chicago, Illinois.

Mr. Tsarong-Blomker holds a BS in physics from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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