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Second Edition: Real World Cost of Fueling EVs and ICE Vehicles

Authored by: Patrick L. Anderson, Principal and CEO Alston D’Souza, Senior Analyst Approach As in the first edition, AEG calculated all four categories of costs involved in fueling both EVs and ICE vehicles across benchmark use cases that reflect real-world driving conditions for U.S. households. The costs included: The cost of the underlying energy (gasoline […]

“Freedom Convoy” – Additional Notes and Methodology

Methodology and Assumptions Methodology The methodology we use here is the same we have employed numerous times, including most recently in the UAW-GM strike in 2019. It involves: Identifying the specific cause, and the directly-affected employers and workers. Identifying the number of workers in affected facilities or segments of the industry. Estimating a share of […]

First Edition (2021): Real World Cost of Fueling EVs and ICE Vehicles

This report has been updated. Please see the Second Edition of this report, released April 6, 2022.   (First Edition, 2021) Electric Vehicles can be more expensive to fuel than their internal combustion engine counterparts Patrick L. Anderson, Principal and CEO Alston D’Souza, Senior Analyst The automobile industry is on the cusp of the biggest […]

Real-World Electric Vehicle Fueling Costs May Surprise New EV Drivers

Note: This release refers to the First Edition of this report. The updated Second Edition, released April 6, 2022, can be found here.     6 months of independent research finds fueling costs for electric vehicles (EV) are often higher than for internal combustion engines (ICE) East Lansing, MI–October 21, 2021: Anderson Economic Group released […]

AEG Media Coverage

The following recent news stories either cite Anderson Economic Group’s work or include commentary from our team:

Empowering Michigan: 12th Edition of the Economic Impact Report of Michigan’s University Research Corridor

The University Research Corridor (URC) is an alliance of Michigan’s research universities, including the University of Michigan, Michigan State University, and Wayne State University. URC retained Anderson Economic Group to estimate the economic impact that URC universities have on Michigan’s economy. AEG has been conducting this economic benefit analysis for the URC since 2007. Anderson […]

The 2020 “Pocketbook” Prediction of the Presidential Election

This award-winning economic model correctly predicted the outcome of every election this century. Now, the 2020 prediction will be released on October 26. East Lansing, MI—October 20, 2020: The year 2020 has been anything but ordinary. However, a century of evidence shows certain indicators have consistently proven reliable in predicting presidential elections in the United […]

What is prevailing wage and does it affect your tax dollars?

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What's Driving the Next Detroit

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