Compensation Comparison for Oregon’s State Universities

The Service Employees International Union Local 503 (SEIU) is a public sector union that operates in Oregon. SEIU retained Anderson Economic Group to conduct a study comparing public sector higher education employee compensation with that in state and local government and nonprofit higher education in Oregon. We analyzed data from the University of Oregon’s job […]

Review of K12 Performance Funding Models and Best Practices

Business Leaders for Michigan retained Anderson Economic Group to review performance funding practices for K-12 school systems across the U.S. and to identify best practices and common metrics used to measure outcomes. We conducted a literature review of performance funding practices for public school systems across the U.S. We identified three states that have implemented […]

America’s Urban Campus: The Economic, Social, and Cultural Contribution of Chicago’s Colleges and Universities

America’s Urban Campus (AUC) is a consortium of all major colleges and universities in the city of Chicago, including at the time of this report 22 institutions spanning from City Colleges to the School of the Art Institute to the University of Chicago. AUC retained Anderson Economic Group to analyze and provide a report on […]

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