Outsourcing Valuation Analysis: Cooper Wiring Devices, Inc.

A law firm engaged Anderson Economic Group, LLC on behalf of Cooper Wiring Devices, Inc. to examine outsourcing and to consider its impact specifically, the impact on consumers and the macroeconomic implications as a whole.

Our report first discusses the history of outsourcing, the economic theories, some important political turning points and the fundamental reasons companies outsource. We reviewed the prevalence of outsourcing and employment as well as the relationship between outsourcing and quality. Profiles of well known global companies in various business sectors that have chosen to outsource, such as Boeing and Xerox, were also analyzed.

Finally, we reviewed the outsourcing behavior of six competitors of Cooper Wiring Devices, including Leviton, and provided data showing what all six companies had outsourced to China and Mexico. We discuss why outsourcing is such an important business strategy for well run companies that must stay competitive in a global environment if they want to survive.

Taxpayer Cost of Federal Financing of Auto Manufacturers Compared with Likely Costs of Bankruptcies in Industry


The State Economic Handbook, 2009

Edited by Scott Watkins and Patrick L. Anderson

The State Economic Handbook is an annual reference book profiling the economy, demography, political environment, and business climates for each of the 50 states.

Franchise Damages and Antitrust Analysis: Diageo North America


Franchise Value Analysis: Heineken USA and Alaska Distributors

Franchise Value Analysis: Heineken USA and Alaska Distributors

A Boost for Detroit Area Retailers? Strong currency, new attractions likely to draw Canadian shoppers

Watkins, Theile

Economic Impact of Chicago Cubs 2007 Playoff Attendance

An estimate of the economic impact stemming from attendance at 2007 Cubs’ playoff baseball games.

Economic and Fiscal Impact of LaSalle Bank Acquisition

In this report we analyze the likely effect that Bank of America’s acquisition of LaSalle Bank will have on employment, earnings, and tax revenue in the Chicago Region (a four county region composed of Cook, DuPage, Lake, and Will Counties). We analyze two likely outcomes of the acquisition, each assuming different levels of cost savings […]

Sports Franchise Valuation: The Chicago Cubs

Geckil, Mahon, Anderson

Anderson Economic Group has developed methods of estimating the value of businesses that takes into account the unique characteristics of such businesses, such as the importance of the brand, the sales or market territory, and other factors.

Three Essential Factors in Estimating Business Value or Commercial Damages

Anderson, Geckil, Funari

The income approach is a common and accepted manner of estimating the value of both publicly-traded and closely-held businesses, as well as calculating certain types of commercial damages. The most common method within this approach is known as “discounted cash flow” or DCF.

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