Developments in Litigation Economics

Patrick L. Anderson

This book is a collection of original articles on recent developments in the rapidly growing field of litigation economics. AEG Principal Patrick L. Anderson contributed “New developments in business valuation.”

Automation Alley's First Annual Technology Industry Report: Driving Southeast Michigan Forward

Automation Alley’s First Annual Technology Industry Report: Driving Southeat Michigan Forward

Failing Schools in Michigan: The Surprising Scale

Patrick L. Anderson, Christopher S. Cotton

This report investigates how schools operating under various budgets are performing within the state of Michigan.

The Tax Limits of Michigan's Proposal A

Patrick L. Anderson

This report re-visits the tax strategies of proposal A and reviews how they are currently working.

Michigan Business Climate Benchmarking Study

Patrick L. Anderson, Ian K. Clemens & Christine Reading

Establish Michigan’s Benchmark industries against competing cities

The Tax Burdens of The Michigan Single Business Tax

Patrick L. Anderson and Ilhan K. Geckil

This report analyzes the Single Business Tax under current law and proposed changes to the tax.