Economic Impact of Chicago Cubs 2007 Playoff Attendance

An estimate of the economic impact stemming from attendance at 2007 Cubs’ playoff baseball games.

Illinois Business Tax Burden and a Review of the 2007-08 Illinois Budget Proposals

Sallee, Mahon, Joseph

Two working papers, one analyzing the business tax climate in Illinois, and the other summarizing the 2007-08 budget proposals up for consideration.

Sports Franchise Valuation: The Chicago Cubs

Geckil, Mahon, Anderson

Anderson Economic Group has developed methods of estimating the value of businesses that takes into account the unique characteristics of such businesses, such as the importance of the brand, the sales or market territory, and other factors.

Damages in Antitrust Cases: AEG Working Paper 2007-02

Anderson, Geckil, Bolema

In this article, the authors use their practical experience in industries in which antitrust issues commonly arise, and their experience in estimating commercial damages in breach-of-contract cases, to examine the issue of properly identifying and estimating antitrust injury.

Three Essential Factors in Estimating Business Value or Commercial Damages

Anderson, Geckil, Funari

The income approach is a common and accepted manner of estimating the value of both publicly-traded and closely-held businesses, as well as calculating certain types of commercial damages. The most common method within this approach is known as “discounted cash flow” or DCF.

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Economic Impacts from 2006 Detroit Tigers' Game Attendance

Watkins, Rosaen

Regardless of how much these baseball fans spend before, during, and after the games, it is a safe bet that the Detroit area economy has benefited from extra attendance at Tigers’ regular season games, and will further benefit from the playoff games. Our analysis concludes that..

Likely Economic Impact of Super Bowl XL, AEG Working Paper 2006-10

An estimate of the likely economic impacts that Super Bowl XL will have on the Metro Detroit area.

Practical Dynamic Programming for Business and Forensic Economics (AEG Working Paper, 2005-05)

Patrick L. Anderson

An AEG working paper, presented by Patrick L. Anderson at the 2005 NAFE conference in Dublin, Ireland.

Lost Earnings Due to West Coast Port Shutdown: Preliminary Estimate

Patrick L. Anderson & Ilhan K. Geckil

An Analysis of the economic impacts of the four week shut down, organized by the PMA.

Valuations and Damages for Franchised Businesses: AEG Working Paper 2003-12 (Corrected 1/2004)


Valuations and damages for franchised businesses, disputes between franchisees and franchisors.