AEG Cannabis Market Expertise Featured on Chicago’s WTTW

Our lead cannabis researcher, Andrew Miller, spoke at length with the PBS affiliate’s Amanda Vinicky regarding the state of legal cannabis sales in Illinois and beyond: See the full interview here.  

AEG’s Brian Peterson Featured on Fox Business

COVID-19 Impact Analysis on Big 10 Conference States See also: Related Commentary and Charts

AEG COVID-19 Related Media Coverage

COVID-Related AEG Media Coverage June 2020 6.17: Op-Ed from Patrick Anderson 6.28: Crain’s Detroit 6.23: Toledo Blade 6.23: Wall Street Journal 6.4: City Pulse May 2020 5.23: Detroit News 5.21: Detroit Free Press 5.20: Detroit News 5.19: Detroit News 5.17: Bridge 5.15: Detroit News 5.13: Detroit News 5.10: Crain’s Detroit 5.9: Detroit News 5.8: WDIV Detroit […]

AndCan® Index, SI News

Patrick Anderson Talks Supported Intelligence, AndCan® Index on the M2Techcast. Watch:

Anderson Economic Group: GM Strike Analysis

Page updated November 7, 2019 See AEG’s latest analysis from October 25 below. Patrick Anderson explains the implications of this strike beyond the auto industry (Detroit News editorial, 10/2/19). Media outlets seeking the most current AEG expert analysis, interviews with Patrick Anderson and Brian Peterson, or up-to-the-minute input from our analysts should contact Lisa at […]

Patrick Anderson: Study Should Give Taxpayers Pause

In response to MISD’s release of an AEG study regarding Michigan’s MPSERS pension debt, Patrick Anderson stated: “This important report should give any taxpayer pause,” noted Patrick L. Anderson, Principal and CEO of Anderson Economic Group, “adding nearly $10 billion to taxpayer debt would be a serious blow to our state’s economy, and immediately overwhelm […]

Local businesses are feeling winter’s impact

“I think people in Michigan are actually pretty hardy; we get through stuff like this,” said Patrick Anderson of Anderson Economic Group. “Yes, every once in a while, we lose a couple of days working and that hurts the employers and employees, but we’ll get through this.” Watch Here

After nine-year run, UAW profit-sharing routine takes a turn

“This time around, the uncertainty in the auto industry — and the fact that all three of these automakers have already announced some reductions — will trim that spending considerably,” said economist Patrick Anderson, CEO of the East Lansing-based Anderson Economic Group. Read More

Annual levy to go up to help pay for pensions

“Anderson Economic Group examined what would happen if the state government voted to ease the investment restrictions on local pension funds with less than $10 million in assets — that is, allow them to invest more than the 40 percent of its funds in the stock market or to be able to diversify portfolios more […]

After layoff news, GM workers worry about their ‘next move’

Patrick Anderson, CEO of Anderson Economic Group, talks with PBS NewsHour about the recent decisions made by General Motors Watch Here